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[PDF]Anatomy Of Flowering Plants – Class 11 Notes For NEET Pdf Download – Biology

[PDF]Anatomy Of Flowering Plants – Class 11 Notes For NEET Pdf Download – Biology
Anatomy Of Flowering Plants Notes

Anatomy Of Flowering Plants Class 11 Full Detailed Notes For NEET Pdf Free Download.🎯

Notes By Toppers fully qualified biology Notes for NEET Exam Preperation.

Firstly read the demo of Anatomy Of Flowering Plants notes given below, PDF Download button is also available at the end of this page and you can also download more notes from our website.

Anatomy Of Flowering Plants Notes

Anatomy Of Flowering Plants – Class 11 Notes For NEET

🔸Plant anatomy is a branch of botany which deals with the study of internal structures and
organization of plants.

🔸Nehemiah Grew is known as the father of plant anatomy.

🔸And K.A. Chaudhary is known as the father of Indian plant anatomy.

🔸A group of cells which is similar or dissimilar in shape, having common origin and
usually performing a common function is called tissue.

🔸Term tissue was coined by Nehemiah Grew.

🔸Tissues are divided into two groups by Carl Nageli on the basis of stage of development–
meristematic and permanent.

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🔸Meristematic tissues is a simple plant tissue in which growth in plants is largely restricted to specialised regions of active cell division.

🔸Meristem is a localised region in which actual cell division occurs.

🔸The Meristematic tissues or meristem is an undifferentiated tissue.

🔸Cell cycle of meristem is in continuous state of division. It means that they have the capacity to divide. So, meristematic tissue is composed of the immature cells.

🔸The Meristematic cells have only primary cell wall which is thin and flexible (elastic) and
made up of cellulose. Secondary cell wall is absent.

🔸Cells of meristem are small and isodiametric and they have dense cytoplasm.

🔸Normally, vacuoles are absent in meristematic cells but if present then small.

🔸They have prominent and large nucleus.

🔸Meristematic cells are metabolically highly active so they lack reserve food.

🔸Plastids are absent in meristems. If they are present, then only in the proplastid stage.

🔸They do not have intercellular spaces. Cells are closely fitted packed together. So, it is a
compact tissue.

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