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What is Nomenclature? Definition & Meaning


What is Nomenclature:- In this article we are discussing about the importance and rules of binomial nomenclature, a system used for naming organisms.

  • The system was developed to allow unambiguous communication about animals and plants worldwide.
  • Every recognized species on earth is given a two-part scientific name, consisting of a genus name (starting with a capital letter) and a species name (starting with a small letter).
  • The scientific name is often followed by the name of the person who first described the species.
  • An organism that deviates from normal standards or is transferred to another genus will have the first author’s name given in brackets.
  • When naming a species after a person, the name ends in ‘i’ if it’s after a male and ‘ie’ if it’s after a female.
  • Examples of species named after famous people include Aptostichus stephencolberti (named after Stephen Colbert) and Agra schwarzeneggeri (named after Arnold Schwarzenegger).
  • Some species have unusual or humorous names, like Spongiforma squarepantsii and Parisoschoenobius maya.
  • In contrast to animals, plants cannot have the same genus and species name due to different naming conventions.

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