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Now you can promote your content with our top pages at very low cost.

Payment accept through Upi, paytm and Bank Transfer.

Promote with us

Most of our pages are performing rank 1 on google so we are getting around 20,000+ page views daily.

For proof let’s take a look on our recent google analytics of our site

Our Top pages

Latest pageview report of April 14 2021

As you can see above the daily pageview of our top 10 pages on google in one day.

Now let’s talk about the cost which we are charging for your content promotion on our top pages.


  • For Top 1st page with 6k+ daily page view will cost – Rs. 300/day


  • For Top 2nd + 3rd page with 4k+ daily page view will cost Rs. 150/day


  • For Top 4th + 5th + 6th page with 2.5k+ daily page view will cost you Rs. 75/day


  • For rest of the our Top pages combine will cost Rs. 50/day

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No porn, No Gambling and no 18+ Content

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