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NEET Syllabus 2024 NMC Revised NEET Subject Wise Reduced Syllabus PDF

NEET Syllabus 2024

NEET Syllabus 2024: NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) Syllabus is again reduced for NEET 2024 Students. Well, it’s that different from last time running syllabus. NEET syllabus 2024 includes Biology, Physics & Chemistry Important topics from Grade 11th and 12th. NEET 2024 syllabus is going to be little lengthy, so in this page we will also share the important topics on which you can focus more for your preparation for NEET.

NEET Syllabus 2024 Reduced By NMC

If you are hearing this term NMC first time, then let me know you that MNC is also known as National Medical Commission. NMC released a new syllabus for NEET 2024 which includes so many important points which you need to focus on. Many chapters from Biology, Physics and Chemistry have been removed for NEET examination this time.

NEET Syllabus 2024

NEET Syllabus 2024 Biology

Biology is the main subject which plays a major role in your marks and it’s also contains the majority number of questions in NEET question papers which is 50% of the whole paper. Biology for NEET includes syllabus from NCERT Class 11th and NCERT Class 12th along with Zoology and Botany part. Our revised NEET syllabus 2024 for Biology is mentioned below in this given table with class wise.

Check: NEET Biology Revised Syllabus 2024 Chapter Wise Weightage

Class 11thClass 12th
Diversity in Living WorldReproduction
Movement Neural control & coordination and LocomotionHuman Welfare and Biology
Structural Organization in Animals and PlantGenetics and Evolution
Animal KingdomFluids, body, and Circulation
Plant PhysiologyBiotechnology and its Applications
Human PhysiologyEnvironment and Ecology
Digestion and AbsorptionBiotechnology Principles
Structural organization of animalsReproductive Health
Excretory products and their eliminationEvolution
Exchange of GasesDiseases and Human Health

NEET Syllabus 2024 Physics

Physics a challenging Subject for most of the NEET aspirants where they finds difficulty in compare to rest two of the subjects. NMC also did some major updates in NEET Physics Syllabus which are mentioned in this below table Class wise.

Check: NEET Physics Revised Syllabus 2024 Chapter Wise Weightage

Class 11thClass 12th
Physical World and MeasurementNature of Physical Law
Heat, Work and Internal EnergyConductors
Work, Power, and EnergyCurrent Electricity
KinematicsElectric Charges and their Conservation Electric Dipole
Properties of Bulk Matter Bulk modulusElectromagnetic Spectrum and Electromagnetics Waves
Gravitation Kepler’s law of Planetary Motion The Universal Law of GravitationAlternating Currents and Electromagnetic Induction.
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid BodyPermanent Magnets Magnetic effects of current and MagnetismAC Generator and TransformerConcept of Magnetic Field
Static and Kinetic FrictionCarbon Resistors Kirchhoff’s Laws and Simple Applications
Laws of MotionAtoms and Nuclei
Critical VelocityDual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Speed VelocityElectronic Devices
Oscillation and WavesOptics Optical Instruments Wave Optics

NEET Syllabus 2024 Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most lengthy subject but also an interesting subject for a lots of students. NMC also did some changes in chemistry syllabus which are mentioned below in this table Class Wise.

Check: NEET Chemistry Revised Syllabus 2024 Chapter Wise Weightage

Class 11thClass 12th
Some Basic Concepts of ChemistrySolid state
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesElectrochemistry
Structure of AtomSolutions
Molecular Structure and Chemical BondingChemical Kinetics
States of Matter: Liquids and GassesSurface Chemistry
ThermodynamicsGeneral Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
Ionic bond Covalent bondp-Block Elements
Redox ReactionsD and f Block Elements
HydrogenCoordination Compounds
Laws of chemical combinationHaloalkanes and Haloarenes
s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)Chemical and Physical property of primary alcohol Phenols, Alcohols, and Ethers
Some p-Block ElementsAldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids
Equilibrium Equilibrium in Physical and Chemical ProcessOrganic Compounds Containing: Nitrogen, Amines, and Cyanides and Isocyanides
HydrocarbonsBiomolecules or Organic Compounds contains Nitrogen
Environmental ChemistryBiomolecules, Polymers And Chemistry in Everyday LifeAldehydes, Carboxylic Acids, and Ketones
Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and TechniquesChemistry in Everyday Life
ElectronegativityBand theory of metals
Atomic numberElevation of boiling point
Isobars and IsotopesCleansing agents such as soaps and detergents

Important Chapters Form 2024 NEET Syllabus

Since this syllabus is little lengthy so here are the topics on which you need to focus more to so you can complete your syllabus faster and start revision.

Electron ConfigurationOhm’s LawPlants
Charles S LawMirrorsPhotosynthesis
Aufbau PrincipleElectromagnetic waves and Electromagnetic inductionHuman Heart
Mole ConceptTypes of Lens and Reflection of LightRespiration and Alimentary Canal
Atomic numbers along with symbols and 118 ElementsAngular MomentumHuman Digestive System
Periodic Classification of ElementsPoisson’s RatioCell Prokaryotic Cell and Eukaryotic Cell
Hund’s RuleUnits of Force and Conversion of UnitsAlgae
Oxidation and ReductionVelocity and WavesTaxonomy

For revision you need a Short Notes of each subject through which you can revise faster and focus on important points only because after completing the syllabus you don’t get that much time to read your whole notes again and again.

If you don’t have your NEET Short Notes then we have something for you which can help you to score more than others.

NEET Short Notes

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