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Chemistry Important Points For Class 12 NEET – NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Exam) is a single National Level Entrance Exam for medical aspirants who wants to start their carrier in the medical field. This exam provides a platform for the students to enter into a medical college to persue different medical courses across the country in medical field. This exam consists of three subjects including Biology, Chemistry, And Physics. It is total of 720 marks with a total of 200 multiple choice questions.

This page will mainly guide you with all the important points link of all the chapters of chemistry of class 12. And you need to study all the important points of this subject, including the previous year question paper with answers, important notes, short tricks with mnemonics, and some important diagrams from NCERT. As the syllabus is very vast, so you need to focus more on the important points for your revision before your exam, as it helps you to recall the whole syllabus with proper time management.

Chemistry Important Points For NEET Class 12
Chemistry Important Points For NEET Class 12

Chemistry Important Points For NEET Class 12

This section consists of the important points from all the chapters of Chemistry Important Points For NEET Class 12 with their respective links.

Click Here for Chemistry Important Points For NEET Class 11

The Solid StateCLICK HERE
ElectrochemistryCLICK HERE
Chemical KineticsCLICK HERE
Surface ChemistryCLICK HERE
General Principles And Processes Of Isolation Of ElementsCLICK HERE
p block ElementsCLICK HERE
d and f block elementsCLICK HERE
Coordination compoundsCLICK HERE
Haloalkanes and haloarenesCLICK HERE
Alcohol, Phenols and EthersCLICK HERE
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acidsCLICK HERE
BiomoleculesCLICK HERE
Chemistry in everyday lifeCLICK HERE
Chemistry Important Points For NEET Class 12

If you want to learn more important points like this post Chemistry Important Points For NEET For Class Class 12, CLICK HERE

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