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BEST PHYSICS BOOKS:- Students preparing for the NEET entrance examination frequently look for the best books for NEET preparation in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Having the best books for NTA NEET 2024 is very important and really difficult.

NEET Students must select best books for NEET preparation by thoroughly understanding the NEET syllabus. The NEET exam books chosen should clarify the basic concepts as well as provide the fundamental strategies for answering the NEET question paper.


Students who want to succeed in the NEET exam should study the books listed below for the exam.

Physics is one of the important subjects where scoring 180 or higher is required. Many NEET students want to study and master Physics more than Biology. Aside from NCERT books listed below will help you easily get better score.

Best Subjective Physics Books for NEET Preparation

BEST PHYSICS BOOKS:- NEET have a pretty vast syllabus that includes a wide range of courses. For students wants deeper knowledge of topics, there is an extra subject-wise list for subject-wise list of reference books.

Want to establish a strong concept in Physics like previous toppers NEET Students? If you will obtain these books, then go get it! The following are the best Physics subjective books for preparing for the NEET in Physics:

Name of the BookAuthor Name/PublicationFeatures
The Concept of PhysicsHC VermaThis book was published by HC Verma, Professor of Physics at IIT Kanpur, one of the most experienced teachers. Concepts are explained in clear, easy-to-remember terminology. All ideas are explained in depth. For good principles, this is a must-read.
Problems in General PhysicsIE IrodovThere are numerous questions on various topics. A high-quality book that is useful for answering difficult questions. Explains a concept in somewhat complex language.
Fundamentals of PhysicsHalliday, Resnick & WalkerOne of the toppers’ preferred books Contains an equal number of theoretical and numerical questions. This book answers many questions in NEET.
Fundamental PhysicsPradeepContains all topics covered in depth in the NCERTs. One of the explicit reference books containing NCERT solutions.

Best Physics Objective Books for NEET Preparation

BEST PHYSICS BOOKS:- Do you want to practice more important questions in Physics so that you can pass NEET? Do you want to complete your competition and achieve a high NEET score this year? Don’t forget to study hard from the best objective books for Physics to prepare for NEET, which are listed below:

Book NameAuthor Name/PublicationFeatures
Objective PhysicsDC PandeyAlmost 1000 questions for practise objectives are included. The questions are organised into chapters and themes. Use this book extensively to improve your NEET score above 180.
Objective PhysicsProf. Satya Prakash Arya (MTG Publishers)Includes all sorts of questions – simple, medium, and challenging standard questions that will help you pass the NEET on your first try.
Objective NCERT Xtract Physics for NTA NEET & JEE MainDisha ExpertsOne of the best books to practice numerical and theoretical questions contains well-explained solutions to difficult numerical problems


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