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Biology Class 12 MCQ for NEET – NCERT Based Chapterwise Quiz For NEET Important Questions

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Biology Class 12 MCQ for NEET: NEET EXAM BOOSTER provides a bunch of quiz for your preparation of Biology Class 12 MCQ for NEET which may help you to know the NEET question difficulty level. Class 12 Important questions with answer key is also available in this article.

You will find the link for both quiz and important questions together in given table below for Class 11 & Class 12 Biology MCQ for NEET.

Biology Class 12 MCQ for NEET – Quiz

All of these questions are based on NCERT and Previous year asked questions.

Biology Class 12 MCQ for NEET
Biology Class 12 MCQ for NEET
Chapter NameQuiz Link
Reproduction in organismPlay Now
Sexual reproduction in flowering plantPlay Now
Human reproductionPlay Now
Reproductive healthPlay Now
Principles of inheritance and variationPlay Now
Molecular basis of inheritancePlay Now
EvolutionPlay Now
Human health and diseasePlay Now
Strategies for enhancement in food productPlay Now
Microbes in human welfarePlay Now
Biotechnology principles and processesPlay Now
Biotechnology and its applicationPlay Now
Organism and populationPlay Now
EcosystemPlay Now
Biodiversity and its conservationPlay Now
Environment issuePlay Now

Biology Class 12 MCQ for NEET – Important Questions

Class 11 Biology MCQ for NEET

Chapter NameQuiz Link
Reproduction in organismClick Here
Sexual reproduction in flowering plantClick Here
Human reproductionClick Here
Reproductive healthClick Here
Principles of inheritance and variationClick Here
Molecular basis of inheritanceClick Here
EvolutionClick Here
Human health and diseaseClick Here
Strategies for enhancement in food productClick Here
Microbes in human welfareClick Here
Biotechnology principles and processesClick Here
Biotechnology and its applicationClick Here
Organism and populationClick Here
EcosystemClick Here
Biodiversity and its conservationClick Here
Environment issueClick Here
Click Here

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