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Physics wallah handwritten notes

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Physics wallah handwritten notes

Physics wallah

Physics wallah is so much hard-working and we can’t compare him with other teachers because the way of his lecture delivering is unique. And from here you can download Physics wallah handwritten notes.

Physics wallah more than 18 lakhs students know and love his way of study. He is the inspiration of lots of students and also some teachers who started their YouTube currier by watching him,at that time when Allen and Aakash like institute taking lots of fees then physics wallah launch his YouTube channel and deliver all Kota like study materials and knowledge for totally free. And that’s a reason why a massive number of students are supporting him. there is also a lot of fans pages of Physics wallah on different social media sites.

Now a day Physics wallah launched his App on Play store for those students who really need a good quality of education in less amount the fees of physics wallah app 1-year subscription is only 999 Rs and it big good news for students and he also told that in future maybe it’s possible he includes many other good teachers for teaching on students live on Physics wallah app.


  • Application Size = 8.2 MB
  • Rating = 4.9 on play store
  • Category = Study app
  • Downloads = 100k+
  • Publisher = Alakh pantry


Physics Wallah aims to provide free study to every student.


Physics is love: for IIT and NEET students.

Physics Wallah App Download:

Download Physics wallah app

click here to download physics wallah app

Physics wallah hand written notes download of class 11

For class 11 chemistry

For class 11 Physics

Physics wallah qualifications


Alakh Pandey sir as Physics wallah 

teacher of physics and chemistry famous for his unique style of teaching is now known as the beast of physics had completed his 10th with 93% score in ICSE board and 12th with approximately 95 % marks. Alakh pantry sir completes his B TECH mechanical from Harcourt Butler technical institute

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