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[PDF]Physics Flashcards for NEET and JEE Better Reviosion – Class 11 and 12

Physics Flashcards

Physics Flashcards as your Study Booster

If you are here that means you are studying for NEET, JEE or for your board class 11 and Class 12 exams. So for your preparation Boostup we are sharing Physics Flashcards pdf for free.

These Physics Flashcards are available in the formate of PDF and some are also in the JPG formate (which means in picture formate).

Total 18 Physics Flashcards are available here in pdf and JPG formate. As tricks these physics Flashcards will aslo help you to understand difficult problems in few minutes.

You will found the download link after the chapter name of your physical Flashcards which will redirect you directly to my Google drive folder then can download these physics Flashcards from there.

If you don’t know how to download these Flashcards then just follow these given steps below.

How to download Physics Flashcards pdf from our Google Drive.

Below you can get the chapter name of physics Flashcards.

  1. Press the download button given after the chapter name.
  2. Then you will redirect to our Google drive pdf folder.
  3. Find 3 dot button at you top right side of your device.
  4. Click on that 3 dot button then you will see the download button.
  5. Just click on it then boom your pdf is ready to booste your preparation.
Physics Flashcards
Physics Flashcards

Physics Flashcards Pdf Download for NEET & JEE

Chapters NameDownload links
CapacitorsDownload Now
Centre of mass and rotational motionDownload Now
Current ElectricityDownload Now
Electromagnetic InductionDownload now
ElectrostaticsDownload Now
Fluid mechanicsDownload Now
GravitationDownload Now
KinematicsDownload Now
KTGDownload Now
Magnetism and MatterDownload Now
Mechanical properties of SolidsDownload Now
Moving Charges and MagnetismDownload Now
Ray OpticsDownload Now
SemiconductorsDownload Now
Unit, Dimensions and errorsDownload Now
Wave OpticsDownload Now
WavesDownload Now
WEP and circular motionDownload Now
Physics Flashcards

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