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Organism and population MCQ Important Questions For NEET – NCERT Biology Class 12 Chapter 13

Organism and population MCQ Important Questions For NEET – NCERT Biology Class 12 Chapter 13

Organism and population MCQ NCERT Questions For NEET Preperation with Previous year papers and NCERT concept Questions.

This chapter ( Organism and population MCQ ) Belongs to NCERT Class 12 Chapter 13 for NEET.

Organism and population MCQ

All these Organism and population MCQ Important Questions For NEET are totally based on NCERT and Previous year questions.


Organism and population MCQ Important Questions For NEET

1) Which is not applicable to the biological species concept?
a) Hybridization
b) Natural population
c) Reproductive isolation
d) Gene pool

2) The study of inter-relationship between living organisms and their environment is called?
a) Ecosystem
b) Photogeography
c) Ecology
d) Phytosociology

3) Term ‘ ecology’ was proposed by
a) William
b) Odum
c) Reiter
d) Daubenmier

4) E. P. Odum is a leading?
a) Bryologist
b) Physiologist
c) Ecologist
d) Mycologist

5) The term ‘biocoenosis’ was proposed by?
a) Tansley
b) Carl Mobius
c) Warming
d) None of the above

6) World environment day is celebrated on?
a) 15th March
b) 15th April
c) 4th May
d) 5th June

7) An association of individuals of different species living in the same habitat and having functional interactions is?
a) Biological community
b) Ecotone
c) Biome
d) Consociation

8) Name the famous plants ecologist?
a) Jagdish Chandra Bose
b) Birbal Sahani
c) Ramdeva Mishra
d) Charles Darwin

9) A community is defined as?
a) A group of birds
b) A collection of species
c) Interacting populations
d) An interactive ecosystem

10) Group of two or more than two plant species is called as?
a) Plant community
b) Animal ecosystem
c) Plant ecosystem
d) Ecological niche

11) Which of the following statements is false regarding predators?
a) Predators keep prey populations under control
b) Predators help in maintaining species diversity in a community
c) If a predators is not efficient, then the prey population would become extinct
d) Herbivores have a greater advantage since the plants cannot run away to avoid predation

12) Which of the following term implies the maintenance of relatively constant physical and chemical conditions within organisms?
a) Homeostasis
b) Adaptation
c) Isometry
d) Acclimation

13) How does the chick recognize her own mother?
a) Because of imprinting
b) Because of courtship
c) Because of indogenous clock
d) Because of circadian rhythm

14) Select the correct labelling of above diagram?
a) A – Desert, B – Grassland, C – Tropical rain forest, D – Temperate forest, E – Coniferous Forest
b) A – Grassland, B – Desert, C – Tropical rain forest, D – Coniferous Forest, E – Temperate forest
c) A – Coniferous Forest, B- Grassland, C – Tropical rain forest, D – Temperate forest, E – Desert
d) A – tropical rain forest, B – Grassland, C – Desert, D – Coniferous Forest, E – Temperate forest

15) Ecology is basically concerned with __ levels of biological organisation?
a) Three
b) Four
c) Two
d) Five

16) Climate affects the?
a) Productivity and soil salinity
b) Soil salinity and B. O. D.
c) Productivity and Topography
d) Biodiversity and Decomposition

17) Which of the following statements is true regarding individuals of same species?
a) They are interbreeding
b) They live in same niche
c) They live in different niche
d) They live in different habitat

18) Two plants can be conclusively said to belong to the same species if they?
a) Can reproduce freely with each other and form seeds
b) Have more than 90 percent similar genes
c) Look similar and possess identical secondary metabolites
d) Have same number of chromosomes

19) Which one of the following is a population?
a) A spider and some trapped flies in its web
b) Earthworm that lives in a grassland along with other arthropods
c) All the plants in a forest
d) All the oak trees in a forest

20) Agrostology is related with the study of?
a) Agriculture growth
b) Epiphytes
c) Grasses
d) Nematode diseases

21) On based temperature plants are classified by?
a) Warming
b) Climate
c) Haeckel
d) Raunkiaer

22) A population grows rapidly at first and then levels off at carrying capacity of it is?
a) Limited by density dependent factors
b) Limited by density independent factors
c) An oppurtunistic species
d) Relatively unaffected by limiting factors

23) Carrying capacity for a population is estimated at 500; the population size is currently 400; and rmax = 0.01. What is dN / dt?
a) 0.01
b) 0.8
c) 8
d) 50

24) Some organisms reproduce only once in their lifetimes because they?
a) Invest so much in reproduction that they have insufficient reserves for survival
b) Produce so many offspring at one time that they do not need to survive longer
c) Do not have enough eggs to reproduce again
d) Do not have enough sperm to reproduce again

25) Darwin judged the fitness of an individual in term of?
a) Dominance over the other individual
b) Strategy to obtain food and shelter
c) Keystone species
d) Differential reproduction

26) Community is?
a) Group of independent, interesting populations of same species.
b) Group of independent and interacting populations of same species in specific area.
c) Group of independent and interacting populations of different species in a specific area.
d) Group of independent and interacting populations of different species.

27) Population dynamics is related to?
a) Increase in population
b) Decrease in population
c) Change in population
d) All of the above

28) Term homeostasis in an ecosystem refers to?
a) Self regulatory mechanism
b) Feed back mechanism
c) Influence of productivity
d) State of equilibrium

29) Competition for light, nutrients and space is most severe between?
a) Closely related organisms growing in different niches
b) Closely related organisms growing in the same area / niche
c) Distantly related organisms growing in the same habitat
d) Distantly related organisms growing in different niches

30) If the strong partner is benefitted and the weak partner is damaged, it is known as?
a) Amensalism
b) Symbiosis
c) Predation
d) Allotrophy

31) The Orobanche plant is?
a) Partial root parasite
b) Total root parasite
c) Symbiont
d) Total stem parasite

32) If ‘+’ sign is assigned to beneficial interaction ‘-‘ sign to detrimental and ‘0’ sign to neutral interaction, then the population interaction represented by ‘+’ ‘-‘ refers to?
a) Parasitism
b) Mutualism
c) Amensalism
d) Commensalism

33) Mycorrhizae are the example of?
a) Fungistasis
b) Amensalism
c) Antibiosis
d) Mutualism

34) Which one of the following population interactions is widely used in medical science for the production of antibiotics?
a) Commensalism
b) Mutualism
c) Parasitism
d) Amensalism

35) The plant of this group are adapted to live partly in water and partly above substratum and free from water?
a) Xerophytes
b) Thalophytes
c) Halophytes
d) Hydrophytes

36) Which is not an adaptive feature in plants growing in physiological dry soil?
a) Pneumatophore
b) Vivivary
c) Velamen root
d) Photosynthesis

37) In a population where competition between individuals is severe, then the distribution is said to be?
a) Random
b) Uniform
c) Irregular
d) Non-random

38) Which of the following is not a controlling factor of population density?
a) Psychological factor
b) Geographical factor
c) Socioeconomic factor
d) Demographic factor

39) Human population after 17th century A. D. is though to be in?
a) Lag phase
b) Exponential phase
c) Stationary phase
d) None of these

40) The logistic population growth is expressed by the equation?
a) dN/ dt = rN
b) dN / dt = rN (N – K/N)
c) dt / dN = Nr (K – N/ K)
d) dN / dt = rN (K – N/ K)

41) Number of death and birth in the last stage of plateau growth curve of a population will be?
a) Equal unlike of middle stage
b) Unequal with more deaths
c) Unequal with less deaths
d) Equal like of middle stage

42) Main cause of population explosion in the world is?
a) Excellent job facilities
b) Increase in agricultural production
c) Excellent health care
d) Fewer battles and wars

43) Population growth curve in most animals, except humans is?
a) S-shaped
b) J-shaped
c) J-shaped with tail
d) S-shaped with tail

44) Rate of humans population growth is?
a) Directly proportional to extreme weather b) Directly proportional to industrial development
c) Inversely proportional to education
d) Directly proportional to the use of drugs

45) Pertaining to human population if there is a decrease in competition, it would be the result of?
a) High population density
b) Explosion of population density
c) Stable but high population density
d) Low population density

46) Which one of the following organisms reproduces sexually only once in its life time?
a) Bamboo
b) Mango
c) Tomato
d) Eucalyptus

47) In recent years, there has been an increasing incidence of floods in the plains of northern India because?
a) There has been an increase in annual rainfall
b) The rate of silting of dams has gone up
c) There has been increased deforestation in the catchment areas
d) Increased areas of land is being self cultivated

48) The change of the lighter coloured variety of peppered moth Biston betularia to its darker variety (carbonaria) is due to?
a) Mutation of single Mendelian gene for survival in the smoke-laden industrial environment
b) Deletion of a segment of gene due to industrial pollution
c) Industrial carbon deposited on the wings of moth resulting in darker variety
d) Translocation of a block of genes in
chromosomes in response to heavy carbons

49) The closely related morphologically similar sympatric populations, but reproductively isolated, are designated as?
a) Clines
b) Demes
c) Clones
d) Sibling species

50) The abundance of a species population within its habitat is called?
a) Niche density
b) Regional density
c) Relative density
d) Absolute density

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