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Important dates in Biology for NEET 2021

Important dates in Biology for NEET 2021
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Important Years For NEET 2021 & Important dates in Biology for NEET

1731 – Many people of Bishnoi community sacrifice their lives saving trees (Jodhpur)

1770 – Priestley’s experiment by Bell Jar, Mice & Mint plant, Candle.

1774 – Discovery of oxygen by Joseph Priestley

1838 – Matthias Schleiden-Cell Theory

1829 – Theodore Schwann- Cell Theory

1850s – Before industrialization => more white wing Moth

1854 – Julius von Sachs proved that glucose is formed in photosynthesis & stored as starch.

1855 – “Omnis cellula cellula” by Rudolf Virchow & complete the cell theory.

1856 – 1863 Mendel work on garden pea.

1860 – Hydroponics technique developed by Julie Von Saches.

1865 – Mendel publishes his work on inheritance of character

1866 – Down’s Syndrome discovered by Langdon Down.

1869 – DNA as a acidic substance was 1st identified by Friedrich Meischer & termed a “Nuclein”

1891 – Fossils of Java man discovered in Java – Henking discovered X-body (X-chromosome) in insect. (XO- type sex determination)

Important dates in Biology for NEET

1892 – Discovery of TMV by D.J. Ivanowsky

1898 – M.W. Beijerinck demonstrated infectious nature of TMV
– Discovery of Golgi Body by Camillo Golgi.

1900 – Rediscovery of Mendel’s work by —> • Hugo de Vries • Karl Corrence • Tschemark {Important dates in Biology for NEET}

1902 – Chromosomal theory of inheritance given by Sutton & Bovery.

1905 – Law of limiting factors for plants given by Blackmann

1920 – After Industrialisation => more black moth

1928 – Frederick Griffith’s Transformation experiment on Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria

1933 – 1944 – Avery, Macleod McCarty used transformation principle of Griffith’s experiment & concluded that DNA is genetic material.

1938 – Coelacanth/Lobe Fines caught in South Africa —> Ancestor of amphibia.

1947 – At the time of our independence India’s population, was approximately 350 million .

1950s – Electron microscope invention – Tissue culture started

1951 – Family planning was initiated

1952 – Hershey & Chase experiment more correctly proved that DNA ie genetic material [ #unquivocal\proof ]

1953 – Discovery of ribosome by George Palade.
– S.L Miller Experiment of evolution.
– Double helical structure model of DNA given by Watson & Crick.

1958 – Matthew Meselson of Franklin Stahl experiment (E. coli in NH4CI medium) proved that DNA replication is semiconservative )
– Taylor study on vicia faba plant (used radioactive thymidind and proved semiconservative nature of DNA)

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1960s – Green Revolution.

1963 – Restriction endonuclease isolated from E. coli.

1963 – Wheat varieties Sonalika f Kalyan Sona (High yield & Disease resistant ) introduced in INDIA.

1966 – Derived semi dwarf varieties of rice introduced in India.

1969 – R.H. Whittaker proposed FIVE-KINGDOM Classification

1971 – Discovery of viroids by T.O. Diener
– Govt. of India legalised MTP. {Important dates in Biology for NEET}

1972 – Fluid Mosaic model of plasma membrane by Singer & Nicolson
– 1st recombinant DNA developed by Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer
– National committee for environmental planning and Coordination was established.
– Wild life protection act in India.

1974 – Water Act. & also Chipko movement

1980s – Joint Forest movement

1981 – Air act.
– AIDS was fired reported
– Intrinsic growth rate of India (r= 0.0205)

1983 – Eli Lilly American company human Insulin from E. coli.

1984 – Bhopal Tragedy – Ministry of Environment amd Forest.

1986 – Environment Act (NEPA)

1987 – Noise included in air pollution – Montreal protocol (Canada)

1988 – National Forest Policy

1989 – Montreal Protocol became effective.

1990s – Delhi ranked 4th among 41 most polluted cities.

1990 – First clinical gene therapy was given to 14 yr old girl with ADA deficiency eye.
– Human Genome Project (HGP) launched

Important dates in Biology for NEET

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