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Evolution MCQ Important Questions For NEET – NCERT Biology Class 12 Chapter 7 CBSE

Evolution MCQ Important Questions For NEET – NCERT Biology Class 12 Chapter 7 CBSE

Evolution mcq important questions from NCERT lines and previous year questions with answer key for NEET Preperation and also for CBSE Students.

These questions ( evolution mcq important questions ) are totally based on most asked questions and from NCERT line to lines.

Evolution mcq
Evolution mcq important questions

The answer key for evolution mcq important questions is given at the end of this page.

Evolution mcq important questions Chapter is associated with NCERT Biology Class 12 and Chapter 7


Evolution Mcq Important Questions

1) What is Evolutionary biology?
a) Study of Fossils
b) Study of diversity of life
c) Study of life forms on earth
d) Study of history of life forms on earth

2) Identify which is not correct?
a) Age of Universe – 20 Billion years
b) Age of Earth – 4.5 Billion years
c) Life appeared on earth – 500 million years
d) Both a & b

3) An experiment to prove that organic compounds were the basis of life, was performed by?
a) Oparin & Haldane
b) S L Miller
c) Melvin Calvin
d) Sydney Fox

4) In which year, the experiment to explain chemical evolution on primitive earth was conducted?
a) 1927
b) 1953
c) 1931
d) 1973

5) Which is true for primitive conditions on earth?
a) Volcanic strorms
b) Reducing atmosphere
c) High temperature
d) All of these

6) Which gaseous combination is used to explain origin of life by chemical evolution on earth?
a) Methane, Hydrogen, Ammonia & Oxygen
b) Methane, Hydrogen, Ammonia & water vapours
c) Methane, Nitrogen, Ammonia & Oxygen d) Carbon di-oxide, Hydrogen peroxide, Ammonia & Ozone

7) Who proposed that the first form of life could have come from pre-existing non living organic molecules?
a) Oparin & Haldane
b) S L Miller
c) Melvin Calvin
d) Sydney Fox

8) How initial oxygen evolved on earths atmosphere which finally affect the entire atmosphere?
a) Photosynthesis
b) Splitting of water due to high temperature
c) Splitting of water due to UV rays from sun
d) Released from molten mass covered the surface

9) Which of the following is right for chemical evolution?
a) Diversification of life forms
b) Formation of primitive living cell
c) Formation of diverse organic molecules d) Formation of Earth

10) The complex organic compounds that may have first evolved in the direction of origin of life on earth, may have been?
a) Amino acids, Proteins & DNA
b) Urea & RNA
c) Sterols, Lipids & DNA
d) RNA, Proteins & Aminoacids

11) The scientist related with the over throw or the “Theory of spontaneous generation” and experiments with swan-necked flasks is?
a) Von helmont
b) Louis Pasteur
c) Miller
d) Haeckel

12) Life originated in the era?
a) Proterozoic
b) Mesozoic
c) Precambrian
d) Coenozoic

13) One of the possible early sources of energy was / were?
a) Chlorophyll
b) Green plants
c) Carbon dioxide
d) UV rays and lightening

14) Which compound had a very important role in prebiotic evolution?
a) CH4
b) NO
c) SO2
d) SO3

15) The primitive Earth conditions were experimentally shown by?
a) Miller
b) Urey
c) Oparin
d) Both (a) and (b)

16) Stanley Miller proposed origin of life by?
a) Biogenesis
b) Abiogenesis
c) Chemical synthesis
d) None of these

17) The first experiment on chemical evolution and origin of life was carried out by?
a) Watson and Crick
b) Miller and Urey
c) Beadle and Tatum
d) Darwin and Wallace

18) Finding of Miller`s experiment on origin of life has provided evidence for?
a) Theory of biogenesis
b) Oparin – Haldane theory
c) Theory of special creation
d) Theory of organic evolution

19) Stanley Miller conducted experiments in 1953 on prebiotic Earth environment using special apparatus. The primary surprising products were?
a) Peptides
b) Nucleotides
c) Amino acids
d) Simple sugars

20) Which of the following is formed in Stanley Miller`s classic experiment?
a) Amino acids
b) Microspheres
c) Nucleic acids
d) UV radiations

21) Which one of the following amino acids was not found to be synthesized in Miller`s experiment?
a) Alanine
b) Glycine
c) Aspartic acid
d) Glutamic acid

22) Who performed an experiment to prove that organic compounds were the basis of life?
a) Calvin
b) Miller
c) Oparin
d) Melvin

23) Origin of life as a result of chemical evolution was properly explained by?
a) Fax
b) Oparin
c) Watson
d) Haeckel

24) The greatest evolutionary change enabling the land vertebrates to be completely free from water was the development of –
a) Lungs
b) Four legs
c) Four chambered heart
d) Cleidoic eggs and internal fertilization

25) Mesozoic era is the age of ?
a) Birds
b) Fishes
c) Reptiles
d) Mammals

26) In which of the following periods dinosaurs were maximum developed?
a) Mesozoic
b) Coenozoic
c) Palaeozoic
d) Proterozoic

27) Dinosaurs became extinct during?
a) Jurassic
b) Triassic
c) Permian
d) Cretaceous

28) Which era could be called the “age of mammals and birds”?
a) Palaeozoic
b) Mesozoic
c) Cretaceous
d) Coenozoic

29) The first mammal appeared in:
a) Jurassic period
b) Triassic period
c) Permian period
d) Cretaceous period

30) Which of following is the correct order of evolution?
a) Amoeba – Leucosolenia – Hydra – Ascaris
b) Leucosolenia – Hydra – Amoeba – Ascaris
c) Ascaris – Amoeba – Leucosolenia – Hydra
d) None of the above

31) The first attempt to solve the problem of mechanism of organic evolution was made by?
a) Oparin
b) Darwin
c) Wallace
d) Lamarck

32) The book “Philosophic Zoologique” was written by?
a) Hugo de Vries
b) Lamarck
c) Mendel
d) Haeckel

33) Weismann cut off tails of mice generation after generation but tails neither disappeared nor shortened showing that?
a) Darwin was correct
b) Mutation theory is wrong
c) Tail is an essential organ
d) Lamarckism was wrong in inheritance of acquired characters

34) Natural selection theory was proposed by Darwin along with?
a) Wallace
b) Mendel
c) Morgan
d) Lamarck

35) The origin of species from pre-existing species is?
a) Mutation
b) Isolation
c) Polyploidy
d) Speciation

36) Which of the following must take place for speciation to occur?
a) Hybridization
b) Geographic isolation
c) Polyploidy
d) Reproductive isolation

37) Species is?
a) Population of one type
b) A group of interbreeding population
c) A group of individuals inhabiting a geographical area
d) Populations of individual having same genotypes and phenotypes

38) Which is basis of evolution?
a) Cell
b) Species
c) Individual
d) Population

39) The organisms separated by geographical barriers are termed?
a) Allopatric
b) Sibling
c) Neopatric
d) Sympatric

40) Which is not applicable to the Biological species concept?
a) Hybridization
b) Natural population
c) Reproductive isolation
d) Gene pool

41) The biologist who has been called “Darwin of the 20th century” , was?
a) Linnaeus
b) Ernst Mayr
c) Diener
d) Whittaker

42) According to Darwinism fossils of organisms found in south America resembles most, the fossils of?
a) North America
b) Africa
c) Australia
d) Both (a) and (b)

43) Darwin’s finches discovered from the Galapagos island provide evidence in favour of?
a) Camouflage
b) Mimicry
c) Biogeographical evidence of evolution d) Seasonal migration

44) The classical example of adaptive radiation in development of new species is?
a) Darwin finches
b) Marsupials of Australia
c) Giant turtle
d) All of these

45) Neo-Darwinism is?
a) Natural selection theory
b) Modern mutation theory
c) Modern synthetic theory
d) Population theory

46) By the statement ‘Survival of the Fittest’ , Darwin meant that?
a) The strongest of all species survives
b) The most intelligent of the species survives
c) The cleverest of the species survives
d) The most adaptable of the species to changes survives

47) Which of the following is used as an atmospheric pollution indicator?
a) Lepidoptera
b) Lichens
c) Lycopersicon
d) Lycopodium

48) The theory of spontaneous generation stated that?
a) Life arose from living forms only
b) Life can arise from both living and non-living
c) Life can arise from non-living things only d) Life arises spontaneously, neither from living nor from the non-living

49) Theory of natural selection was poposed by?
a) Darwin
b) Lamarck
c) de Vries
d) Theophrastus

50) Animal husbandry and plant breeding programmes are the examples of?
a) Reverse evolution
b) Artificial selection
c) Mutation
d) Natural selection

51) Palaentological evidences for evolution refer to the?
a) Development of embryo
b) Homologous organs
c) Fossils
d) Analogous organs

Evolution mcq important questions – Answer Key

1) D. NCERT XII – Page no. 126

2) C. NCERT XII – Page no. 127

3) B. NCERT XII – Page no. 127

4) B. NCERT XII – Page no. 127

5) D. NCERT XII – Page no. 127

6) B. NCERT XII – Page no. 127

7) A. NCERT XII – Page no. 127

8) C. NCERT XII – Page no. 127

9) C. NCERT XII – Page no. 127

10) D. NCERT XII – Page no. 127

11) B. NCERT XII – Page no. 127

12) C. Precambrian

13) D. UV rays and lightening

14) A. CH4 (Amino acids are substituted methane)

15) D. Both (a) and (b) : Miller & Urey

16) C. Chemical synthesis

17) B. Miller and Urey

18) B. Oparin – Haldane theory

19) C. Amino acids

20) A. Amino acids

21) D. Glutamic acid (Miller identified five amino acids present in the solution: glycine, α-alanine and β-alanine were positively identified, while aspartic acid and α-aminobutyric acid (AABA) were
less certain, due to the spots being faint.)

22) B. Miller & Urey

23) B. Oparin

24) D. Cleidoic eggs and internal fertilization

25) C. Reptiles

26) A. Mesozoic

27) D. Cretaceous

28) D. Coenozoic

29) B. Triassic period

30) A. Amoeba – Leucosolenia – Hydra – Ascaris

31) D. Lamarck

32) B. Lamarck

33) D. Lamarckism was wrong in inheritance of acquired characters

34) A. Wallace

35) D. Speciation

36) D. Reproductive isolation

37) B. A group of interbreeding population

38) D. Population

39) A. Allopatric

40) A. Hybridizatio

41) B. Ernst Mayr

42) C. Protherians the most primitive mammals which provide an evidence of organic evolution from geographical distribution are found is Australia.

43) C. There are thirteen types of finches described by Darwin. They are geographically isolated and found in Galapagos islands of south pacific.

44) D.

45) C. Neo-Darwinism has emerged out as the ‘modern synthetic theory of evolution. It designated by Huxley (1942). Dobzhansky’s (1973) book “Genetics and the origin of species” provided the initial
basis of this theory and Muller (1949), Father (1958), Wright (1968), Mayr (1963, 70) Stebbins (1966-76) etc. helped significantly in its formulation.

46) D. The most adaptable of the species to changes survives

47) B. Lichens are indicator of air pollution (SO2 pollution)

48) C. Life can arise from non-living things only

49) A. Darwin

50) B. Artificial selection

51) C. Fossils


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