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Disclaimers: – We are sharing this Pradeep Class 11 Physics PDF book for NEET for those who really need this book or also for demo purpose. We are also providing the buy link of Pradeep Class 11 Physics PDF book for NEET from Amazon. We are just sharing the links which are already available on this open internet if in any case we is violating the law then we are sorry for that. If you are the owner of Pradeep Class 11 Physics book for NEET the contact us at with proper ownership proof for removing the link from our website.

Pradeep Class 11 Physics PDF

We are sharing total two volumes of this pdf which contains all these chapters: –

Volume I

Unit 0: Mathematical Tools

Unit 1: Physical World and Measurement

Unit 3: Kinematics

Unit 4: Work, Energy and Power

Unit 5: System of Particles and Rotational Motion

Modern Test Paper 1 & 2 (unit 0 to 5)

Answers and Hints to Model Test Papers 1 & 2

Pradeep Class 11 Physics PDF
Pradeep Class 11 Physics PDF

Volume II

Unit 6: Gravitation

Unit 7: Properties of Bulk Matter

Unit 8: Thermodynamics

Unit 9: Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kenetic Theory

Unit 10: Oscillations and waves

Model Test Papers 3 & 4 (unit 6 to 10)

Answers and Hints to Model Test Paper 3&4

Log Tables

ChaptersDownload Links
Physical World – IDownload Link
Physical World – IIDownload Link
Physical World and MeasurementDownload Link
Fluid Mechanics Practice ProblemDownload Link
Laws Of MotionDownload Link
Work, Energy and PowerDownload Link
ElasticityDownload Link
Systems of particles and Rotational MotionDownload Link
GravitationDownload Link
Simple Harmonic FormulaDownload Link
ThermodynamicsDownload Link
Surface Tension Theory – 1Download Link
Surface Tension practice ProblemDownload Link
Ray OpticsDownload Link
Work, Energy Power and CollisiomDownload Link

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